Mute Gathers

Description Apply user-defined mutes (angle, offset, hand-drawn) to gathers.
Module(s) Explorationist, Image Gather Processing, Gather Attributes
Requirements Gathers, Mutes
Related Polygon Mute, Simple Mute
Works with Gathers

This process applies inner and outer mutes to gathers. Mutes can be hand picked or defined by angle (see Manually Picking a Mute and Creating an Angle Mute).

Create a mute gather process

Create a mute gather process
  1. In the Control Panel, open the Process tab.
  2. At the tab header, click Add icon and select New Process.
  3. Double-click Mute Gathers.
  4. Type a name for the process and click OK.

Define mute gather settings

Define mute gather settings
  1. In the Details Panel at Volume, select the gather volume to mute.
  2. At Inner Mute, select the mute line to mute the gather below this line.
  3. At Outer Mute, select the mute line to mute the gather above this line.

As a result of this process, a new muted gather volume will be available in the Volume tab.

Tip: To quickly open the output volume, right-click the process item in the Process tab and click Open Child Volume. Vice versa, you can also open the process from the Volume tab directly. To do this, right-click the volume which was created from a process (indicated in italics) and click Open Parent Process.