Description Highlight changes in movement and direction of a dip field using a Sobel operator.
Module(s) Explorationist
Requirements Dip Field
Related Dip Field, Structurally-Oriented Filter, Curvature
Works with 2D, Stacks, Gathers

The Edges process highlights changes in the movement and direction of the vectors in a dips volume. It is one method of visualising discontinuities based on structure, i.e. faults and flexures. The process uses a Sobel operator to identify the changes in the dip vectors.

Create edges

Create edges
  1. In the Control Panel, open the Process tab.
  2. At the tab header, click the Add icon and select New Process.
  3. Double-click Edges.
  4. Type a name for the process and click OK.
  5. In the Details Panel, select the dips volume from which you want to generate edges at Dip Volume.
  6. At Input Volume, select the volume that you want to show the edges.

As a result of this process, a new volume is available in the Volume tab. Like Dips, it is typical to display Edges over the input data in a group (see Creating a Group) using a semi-transparent colour bar.

Tip: To quickly open the output volume, right-click the process item in the Process tab and click Open Child Volume. Vice versa, you can also open the process from the Volume tab directly. To do this, right-click the volume which was created from a process (indicated in italics) and click Open Parent Process.