Polygon Overview

A polygon can be created to constrain the display of a time/depth slice or a process to an area within/outside the polygon.

Insight also supports the creation and combination of multiple shapes in a polygon in the same plane. After creating a new polygon and defining a shape, simply click on another location with picking enabled to begin picking another shape. This means that you do not have to create new polygons for every shape on a particular time/depth slice.

Exploring polygons

Polygons are created and managed in the Polygon tab of Insight's Control Panel. To begin, follow the steps in Creating a Polygon to create a new polygon.

Polygons can be picked in:

Click on the links above for more information on picking polygons in different views.

Once you have created your polygon, you can edit/delete its points and shapes at any time by enabling picking mode or by changing the coordinates in the Details Panel (see Editing a Polygon). If you have multiple polygons on the same plane, they can be combined to create a multi-shaped polygon product (see Combining Polygons).

Now you have your polygon. What can you do with it?

There are a whole host of things that you can do with your polygon. The following are just some of the important functions that make use of polygons:

Other polygon features

In addition to creating a polygon the usual way, a polygon can now be associated with a horizon so that all polygon shapes and points will be along that horizon. In 3D view, the polygon will be drawn draped over the horizon. This facilitates the creation of fault polygons intersecting with a particular horizon (see Using Fault Polygons).

Besides that, you can also generate a correlation polygon to create a copy of the data inside an existing polygon and move it to any location for easy comparison (see Using Correlation Polygons).

Another useful function of polygons is to create closed shapes for different contour values. In Map View, contours can be displayed to observe the difference in time/depth within a slice. The Create Polygons from Contours feature will generate multi-shaped polygons for every contour value specified in the range (see Creating Polygons from Contours).

Import/export polygons

If you would like to use a polygon created in a different project, you can import it into your session from the Import menu in the Control Panel (see Importing a Polygon).

Similarly, you can export polygons from Insight to various formats (see Exporting a Polygon).

For a comprehensive list of all the import/export formats available in Insight, see Formats accepted by Insight for import and export.