Configuring Gather Horizons

Horizons can be interpreted on gather volumes, with picks that extend across the gather dimension. This is often offset, but can be any of gather domains available in Insight, e.g. angle, frequency, channel, etc. Display gather horizons in any of the section views, the Map View or in the 3D View.

Gather horizons created in the Horizon tab (see Propagating a Horizon) behave differently to those created in the Imaging tab (see Residual Moveout).

Creating a Gather Horizon

You must choose the gather dimension to use when creating a gather horizon. Use the same approach as a standard horizon.

Propagate a gather horizon
  1. In the Control Panel, open the Horizon tab.
  2. Click the blue “+” icon and select New horizon. The Configure Horizon window will be displayed.
  3. Enter all the settings in this window as described in Creating a Horizon.
  4. At Gather, select the gather dimension, e.g. Offset (m). The horizon will be configured to store data in this dimension.
    • This option is not available if there are no gathers in the session.
  5. Click OK.