3D Volume Visualisation

With the 3D Volume Visualisation feature, you can view an entire probe of 3D data using selective opacity to highlight particular amplitudes. As a prerequisite, you must create a probe (see Creating a Probe).

Available in: Explorationist Module

Volume Visualisation

Volume visualisation

In the 3D View, click the 3D tab on the left to configure the settings for Volume Visualisation.

  • Use probe — Select this check box to visualise the volume in the 3D View within the selected probe.
  • Zoom to view probe — Click the magnifying glass icon to make the screen’s center of rotation set to the probe. This allows you to orbit the 3D View around the probe.
  • Enable lighting — Select this check box to add a shadowing effect. This check box is only enabled once you have selected the Use probe check box.
  • Opaque above/Opaque below — Adjust the transparency of the colour bar (as a percentage of the class range) by moving the Opaque above and Opaque below sliders.

Note: The colour bar changes according to the volume that is displayed in the 3D View.

Tip: If you have a velocity volume loaded and defined in the survey (see Converting Time-Depth), 3D Volume Visualisation supports on-the-fly time/depth conversion.