Creating/Importing an Item

Depending on the product tab you open in the Control Panel, you can create and/or import items in the tab. In addition, you can also search for items that have been saved in the project database (see Loading Items Already in the Project) and then add the items to the session. The following example is based on the Horizon tab.

Create an item

Create an item
  1. At the top right corner of any items tab, click the blue (+) icon.
  2. Click New [item] (the name of the button is different according to the tab you open).
  3. Fill in the name of the item and configure the settings (if required).
  4. Certain items allow you to insert comments or notes in the Notes field.
  5. Click OK to create the item.

Import an item

Import an item
  1. In the Control Panel, select the Import menu.
  2. Select the item to import and click Open.

Note: If you are importing an item which already exists in the database, Insight will prompt you with a message whether you want to load the existing product from the database or import a duplicate. However, when importing a volume which already exists in the database, Insight will display a message to inform you that the existing volume will be used.