Email Activation

You can choose to activate the Insight licence via email. This option is useful if you do not have direct Internet access on the computer you wish to license.

For more details on the types of licences, see Online Activation.

First time activation

First time activation

If this is your first time, or if your licence has expired and you are unable to launch Insight, attempting to launch Insight from the Launcher will display the window above.

To activate a licence token, click on Click here or Cancel to open the Licence Manager.

Opening Licence Manager

Opening Licence Manager

If this is not your first time:

  1. Launch Insight (see Launching Insight).
  2. In the Control Panel, go to the Help menu and select Licence Manager.

Licence Manager

Licence Manager
  1. In the Licence Manager, click Email Activation to activate your licence via email.
  1. Select Request a licence.
  1. Select the Request a standard evaluation licence check box if you want to request for a 30-day evaluation licence. You can skip this step if you have already obtained the trial activation code (see Obtaining an Evaluation Licence) or you are activating a purchased licence.
  2. Type or paste the 22-character token code that you have received with your purchase/evaluation request to generate a licence request.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Read the message and click OK to close.

Send email with licence request

  1. The licence request is ready to be pasted into an email or file by pressing Ctrl+V. Send the contents to [email protected]. It will look something like this:


PRODUCT: Insight

HARDWAREUID: 1-2363199986-5-60-0-247-457-111-1111-1111-1111



If it is a request for a standard evaluation licence, it will look like the following:


PRODUCT: Insight

HARDWAREUID: 3-2551435293-5-121-0-308-518-111-1111-1111-1111

TYPE: Trial


  1. In reply, you will receive an email with an attached licence file. Save the file to your computer.

Install the licence file

Install the licence file
  1. After receiving the licence file, open the Licence Manager.
  2. Select Email Activation.
  3. Click Install a licence file.
  4. Select the licence file that you have saved in your computer.
  5. Click Next to activate your licence. Upon successful activation, it will display your active licence(s) in a list.
  6. Click Close to exit the Licence Manager.