Configuring Colour Bar Annotations

Insight’s colourbar annotations include a wide variety of configurations to best highlight information about your data.

See these pages to find the settings in different view types:

Colourbar Source

Enable these options to show colourbars for the items in the view.

  1. Volume: Show colourbars for the current volume or group
    • First only (group): Only show the colourbar of the first volume in the group
  2. Horizons (3D View, Map View): Show colourbars for the displayed horizon properties
    • First only (group): Only show the first colourbar of the surface groups
  3. Well Curves: Show colourbars for well curves of displayed wells.

Colourbars for volumes are always displayed before colourbars for horizons.

Colourbars are displayed for unique combinations of class and range. If two items share the same class and min-max value range, only one colourbar will be displayed.

Colourbar Size and Position

Choose a size for the colourbars.

  • Tiny
    • The “Tiny” size only labels the min, max and central values.
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

The position sets the location of the colourbar annotations in the view.

  • Top Left
  • Top Right
  • Top Centre
  • Centre Left
  • Centre Right
  • Bottom Left
  • Bottom Right
  • Bottom Centre

Colourbar Layout

The layout sets the orientation of the colourbars.

  • Side-by-side
    • Colourbars are drawn vertically, beside each other
    • Class labels are above the colourbars if enabled. Text is trimmed to fit.
  • Above-Below
    • Colourbars are drawn horizontally, in a stack
    • Class labels are drawn beside the colourbar if enabled. Text is not trimmed.

Label and Panel Options

  1. Title: Include the class name with the colourbar
  2. Title along colour bar: Place the class name at the side of the colourbar.
  3. Label Font: Choose the label font, size and style.
  4. Panel Background:
    • Enable this option to display a filled area behind the colourbars.
    • Choose the background colour for the panel.