QI Stochastic Model Overview

The QI tab hosts QI Workbench, which is a stochastic interface modelling tool. QI Workbench replaces the legacy Distill module, and it integrates seamlessly and interactively with the Insight crossplots and lithofluid workflows.

Using input end-member depth-dependent trends, different lithology and fluid combinations can be created and stochastically forward-modelled. The ability to discriminate between different combinations and the variation in response as a function of depth and other variables, including reservoir quality and fluid saturation, can quickly be assessed using QI Workbench. 

Available in: Lithofluids module.


Data Input File

QI Workbench requires source files of rock physic trend file output from DUG Rock with extensions *.trend, *.txt, *.prn or *.asc to load as trend files into DUG Insight. For more information on trend files, refer to Using Rock-Physics Trends.

Adding a QI Workbench

  1. In the Control Panel, open the QI tab.
  2. At the tab header, click on the Add icon and select Add QI Workbench.
  3. Type a new name for the process, and click OK. The QI Workbench window will now be displayed. See Using the QI Workbench Window for descriptions of all the tabs of the QI Workbench window.