Using the Anisotropy Tool

The Anisotropy tool includes features for deriving anisotropy, which was historically available on the Synthetics window - Delta tab.

The following are some of the features of the Anisotropy tool:

  • Save and reload instances in any session via the Imaging tab
  • Create more than one instance per session
  • Any process (such as the delta model process) that uses the delta curves produced by the tool will work across sessions
  • Add many more tracks and curves, including processed curves.
  • Save and load template views
  1. On the Control Panel, click the Tool menu.
  2. Click Anisotropy New Anisotropy to open the tool.

Settings Tab

The Settings tab allows you to set the necessary parameters to generate a delta curve. For detailed information, refer to Displaying the Delta Curve.

Template Tab

The Template tab allows you to load saved track and curve templates and set general settings for the view, grid, and marker lines. For more information, refer to Working with Templates and Well View Settings.

Tracks Tab

See Tracks Overview and Curve Tracks pages for details.

Curves Tab

The Curves tab in the Anisotropy window lists all curves for the selected well, grouped by the curve class.

  1. Class and curve tree: Select a curve to display its details.
  2. Details: Class and naming information for the curve.
  3. Statistics: The extent and descriptive statistics for the curve values.

For more information, refer to Well Log Curves.