Manually Create T-D Pairs

Missing a checkshot survey, and only have some known T-D pairs? Use this process to manually create a time-depth survey.

Manually enter 2 time-depth pairs to create the initial survey.

Create/resample time-depth

Create/resample time-depth
  1. From the Tool menu in the Control Panel, open the Synthetics view.
  2. Select the Current Well.
  3. Right click on the T/D Pair Track and select Create/Resample Time-Depth Survey.
  1. At Mode, select Manual.
  2. Manually input the Initial T-D Pair and T-D Pair 2 (preferably deepest).
  3. Click OK. The checkshot will appear in TVDSS-TWT track.
  4. Add more manual checkshots by right clicking and selecting Add Manual Checkshot.