Converting the CRS when importing culture

When importing culture, Insight can convert culture coordinates to the project coordinate reference system.

Note: Some image formats other than GeoTiff (including georeferenced jpg / png) require manually entering coordinates to position the image.

Import a culture/shape/GeoTIFF

Import a culture/shape/GeoTIFF

To load ESRI shapefiles (.shp), GeoTIFF images, Kingdom culture (.cul) files or DUG culture (.duculture) files into the project:

  1. Go to  Control Panel > Import menu.
  2. Click Culture.
  3. Select the culture file(s) to be loaded and click Open.
  4. The Coordinate Reference System conversion window will be displayed.

Select the type of coordinates

Select the type of coordinates

Choose the type of coordinates for the culture file:

  • Eastings / Northings (i.e. X/Ys), or
  • Latitude / Longitude

Convert coordinates to the project CRS

Convert culture CRS to project CRS
  1. Click Convert from to select the CRS in which the culture file is defined. Coordinates will be converted from this CRS to the project CRS.
  2. The project CRS is defined when you create a project (see Creating a Project).
  3. Click OK to process the conversion.

Note: If you are importing multiple culture files at the same time, the same conversion is applied to all files.