Simple Structured Model

Description Constructs a layered model using the structure defined in a Window model.
Module(s) Explorationist, Gather Attributes
Requirements Windowed Model
Related Windowed Model
Works with Stacks, Velocity

The Simple Structured Model process constructs a layered model using the structure defined in a Window model

Use a Simple structured model for displaying window models and creating simple velocity models, wedge models, low frequency models and stratigraphic / lithology overlays.

  1. In the Control Panel, open the Process tab.
  2. At the tab header, click the blue "+" icon and select New Process.
  3. Search or scroll down and double-click on Simple Structured Model.
  4. Type a name for the process and click OK.

Configure the simple structured model process

  1. Windowing Model: Select the window model that defines the structure.
  2. Invalid Locations: Choose what to do if a layer boundary has missing values.
    • No Output: Do not output anything at this location.
    • Log an error: Report an error and output nothing.
  3. Layer Values: Layers are created from the selected window model. For each layer, three options are available to fill the layer.
    • Formula (default): Layer is filled using
      • Constant value
      • Formula: Variables for formula includes:
        •  "twt_ms" and "twt_s", defined to be the time of a sample in milliseconds or seconds, respectively
        •  "tvdss_m" and "tvdss_ft", defined to be the true vertical depth (MSL) of a sample in metres or feet, respectively
        •  "pi" or "e", the mathematical constants
      • Operators, conditions and maths function are similar to that of the volume maths process.
      • Example: a V0+K function can be written as below formula 1500 + twt_ms*0.5.
    • Volume: Layer is filled using the values from the chosen volume
    • Horizon: Layer is filled using the values from the horizon, calculated or custom properties
    • At an exact layer boundary, the model uses the value from the lower layer. E.g.
      • Layer 1 (Above): 
        • Range: 500 - 1000 ms
        • Value: 1500
      • Layer 2 (Shallow): 
        • Range: 1000 - 1500 ms
        • Value: 2250
      • At 1000 ms, the model value is 2250

Note: the layer values and labels come from the Window model.

Choose the survey and areal extent of the output model. The output uses the same vertical domain as the selected window model.

  1. Survey: Choose the output survey
  2. Inline, Crossline:  Enter the first, last and step values
  3. Vertical domain (TWT, TVD): Enter the first, last and step values