Using the Text Importer

Insight can import some products from text or ASCII format files using the Text Importer. When importing columnar or delimited text files, the Text Import window is shown.

  1. Save template / load template: Save / load the import configuration to a file for reuse.
  2. Separated by delimiter:
    • Use this for data values separated by a special “delimiter” character
    • The delimiter is a character used to separate columns: usually a comma, tab or space character
    • Select a delimiter from the list
  3. Collapse adjacent whitespace: treat multiple, contiguous spaces as a single column break
  4. Override number of columns: override the automatically detected number of columns
    • Each line is divided into this many columns. 
    • Additional text after the last column is excluded.
  1. Fixed width 
    • Blue “+” icon: add columns
    • Width of column: enter the number of characters for each column
  1. Header lines: The number of lines to skip at the start of the file. These lines are ignored.
  2. Missing value represented by: Store data matching any of these values as a NaN (empty) value. To match multiple values, include each one separated by a space.
  3. Parsed: The start of the file is read and divided into fields according to the settings.
    • The headers for the columns vary according to the type of data.
    • See details on the import page for each type.
  4. Original: View the start of the file in the original format, with row and column numbers.
  5. If there are no errors or warnings, click OK.

Note: Click the exclamation icon to display the details of any errors/warnings.


Importing a 3D horizon containing TWT values. 

1649 2013 2457.233 6672.4976
1649 2014 2455.8281 7115.1387
1650 2012 2458.9456 3641.6255
1650 2013 2457.771 6895.408
1650 2014 2456.7 7737.6387
1650 2015 2455.8484 7237.8115
1651 2012 2459.2114 6035.0103
1651 2013 2458.262 6126.98
1651 2014 2457.392 6620.8555
1651 2015 2456.6797 6848.4224
Click to copy
  • Values are separated by one or more spaces. Use:
    • Separated by delimiter <whitespace>
    • Collapse adjacent whitespace
  • Values in the file matching “NaN 1.E31 -999.25”  will be replaced with null values
  • Column 1 contains Inline values
  • Column 2 contains Crossline values
  • Column 3 contains TWT values
    • Values are in milliseconds
  • Column 4 is not imported