Adding Wells (to session)

Once wells have been added to a project (see Importing Wells), they can be loaded into a session.

Searching for wells

Search for wells in project database
  1. In the Control Panel, open the Well tab.
  2. Click the blue "+" icon and select Load Wells already in the project.
  3. The Add Wells to Session window will load.

Note: Well(s) already in the session will not appear in the Add Wells to Session list.

Add wells to a session

Add wells to a session
  1. Select a well or multiple wells to be added.
    • CTRL + A: select all wells.
    • CTRL + left mouse button: select multiple individual wells.
    • Shift + left mouse button: select a range of wells.
  2. The list of wells can be filtered by Name, Owner, and Notes
    • Use special character "%" to simplify and/or filter the search result.
  3. Select wells by Location (using a polygon or a probe).
    • Choose a polygon or probe that surrounds the well top-hole locations
  4. To only show wells that are owned by you, or marked as shared, select the Only show shared items (see Multi-user Considerations).
  5. Click Add to Session.
  6. Selected well(s) will be added in the Well tab in the Control Panel.

Note: In older projects, Insight may require compacting the database before the Location can be used (see Compact Project Database).