How do I recover unsaved sessions?

In some cases, Insight may stop responding or crash before you have a chance to save your session. To resolve this, you can recover unsaved sessions in Insight.

If your session had been saved before, but recent changes have not been saved, you can recover these changes using Autosave. If your session had never been saved, you can still recover it from a list of unsaved sessions.

To do this, follow the instructions provided below:

  1. Manually close Insight if it is frozen. 
  2. Relaunch Insight.
  3. Navigate to File > Recover Unsaved Sessions
  4. Select the relevant autosaved session and click Open Session.

For more information, refer to Recover Unsaved Sessions.

Note: The non-responsive session must be manually closed for the session to appear in the auto-saved sessions list. An active session will not appear on the list. Similarly, if a session is closed normally (through Insight), the auto-saved session will be removed.