SQL Server versions and backwards compatibility

Microsoft SQL Server can attach databases from older versions, but not newer versions. For example, SQL Server 2008 can attach a database that was detached from the 2005 version, but not one detached from the 2012 version.

However, when attaching a database from an older version, the database is upgraded to the current server version. That is, after a 2005 database is attached to SQL Server 2008, it can no longer be attached to SQL Server 2005!

Since some Kingdom releases include older SQL Server versions, it is possible that Kingdom may not be able to use the database after attaching it to a newer version. Therefore, if there is any chance the project is going to be used in Kingdom in the future, it is recommended to create a backup of the project database before attaching it for use with Insight.

To backup the project database:

  1. Find the .MDF and .LDF file (usually in the "Project Database" folder within the project)
  2. Make a copy of the files
  3. Rename the files to .MDF.BAK and .LDF.BAK