Where is my user home directory?

In a machine with multiple users, user-specific files are stored in a default home directory for each user. For Insight, user-specific files that are saved in user's home directory include the:

  • global.properties file — containing configuration files and preferred settings for HTTP proxy and problem reporter settings (i.e. email, notification enabled, etc)
  • client.db file — containing Insight's licence details for the user (i.e. floating/node-lock, licence number, etc)
  • DUG_Launcher.properties file — containing Insight's launcher settings/history (i.e. recently opened projects and memory allocation).

The location of these files may vary depending on the operating system the machine is running. The table below shows the path of the home directory for different operating systems.

Operating System Path Environment Variable
Microsoft Windows NT (root)\WINNT\Profiles\(username) %UserProfile%
Microsoft Windows 2000, XP and 2003 (root)\Documents and Settings\(username)
Microsoft Windows Vista, 7 and 8 (root)\Users\(username)
Unix-Based (root)/home/(username) $HOME and ~/
Unix-Derived /var/users/(username)
SunOS/Solaris /export/home/(username)
Linux/BSD (FHS) /home/(username)
AT&T Unix (original version) (root)/usr/(username) $HOME
Mac OS X /Users/(Username) $HOME and ~/, and path to home folder (in Apple Script)
OpenVMS (device):[username] SYS$LOGIN
Android /data/media/(userid)