Can I store a volume outside the project directory?

Sure you can!

We understand that volumes are huge files that can take up a lot of space in your machine. Hence, we have made sure that Insight projects can be stored independently from the dugio volumes without any problems.

By default, Insight uses the 100sei directory as the default location for storing and retrieving volumes. This is to help you keep things organised, especially in a multi-user environment. However, if you find yourself juggling data to manage disk space, you can move the .dugio volume to a different location (secondary disk, network, external USB storage, etc.) after the SEG-Y loading process is completed. Provided the volume is not in use (i.e. Insight is not open), .dugio volumes can be moved around and copied safely. The operating system will treat them as folders.

Tip: To change the default directory to another location, see How do I change Insight's default directory? in the FAQ section.

If Insight cannot locate a volume when opening a session (or adding a volume from the project), it will prompt you with a dialog to locate and reconnect it. This might happen because a network share is unavailable, an external drive is disconnected, or the volume was moved (see Missing files when loading volume. Where did my volume go?).

When importing from SEG-Y, make sure you output the volume to a fast and reliable location with enough space. The new volume will automatically be added to the project. SEG-Y loading is an I/O intensive task, so performance is governed by the read and write speed.