Insight's Automatic Volume Class Assignment

When importing a volume, Insight will try to guess a volume's class using keywords found in the volume's name.

These keywords are not case sensitive, and are checked in the order shown below. The first matched keyword will be used to determine the volume's class.

Velocity volume check

If the volume filename ends with any of the following AND either .su or .dugio, the specified class will be used.

Ends with Uses Class
vintt Interval Velocity in Time
vintz Interval Velocity in Depth
vrmst RMS Velocity
vavgt Average Velocity in Time
vavgtz Average Velocity converted to Depth
zt Depth values sampled in Time (ZT)
tz Time values sampled in Depth (TZ)

Keywords class check

Otherwise, the presence of the first of any of the following keywords will cause the specified class to be selected.

Keyword Class
ufar Stack (Ultra-Far)
far Stack (Far)
mid Stack (Mid)
near Stack (Near)
stack Stack
gather Seismic Gather
impedance AND s- S Impedance
impedance AND p- P Impedance
rho Density
rho AND lambda Lambda-Rho
rho AND mu Mu-Rho
prob AND oil Probability (Oil)
prob AND brine Probability (Brine)
prob AND gas Probability (Gas)
poisson Poisson's Ratio
vp AND vs Vp/Vs
vs S Velocity
vp P Velocity