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How do I activate floating licence for multiple users?

Once you have received your floating licence token from DUG, you can activate the licence for multiple users without having to input the licence token for each user.

After you have activated the licence for one user, the licence details will be stored in a file (client.db) in that user's home directory. Follow the steps below to locate and copy the file over to multiple users.

Note: Every instance of Insight consumes a floating licence. Hence, opening multiple projects on a single machine will occupy multiple floating licences.

  1. Before we begin, make sure you do not have any existing licence token in your workstation. Do a quick search for any client.db files and delete them.
  2. Activate the licence by following the steps in Online Activation or Email Activation. This will create a new client.db file in your home directory.
  3. Search for the file (it is normally located at C:\Users\[username]\.dugeo\client.db) and copy (or replace if necessary) the file to each relevant user account on each of their computers.
    Note: The location of this file may vary depending on the operating system the machine is running (see Home directory).
  4. Restart Insight.

The licence should be activated for all users now.