Installation of Insight failed! What should I do?

If the installation of Insight is unsuccessful, the error message below will be displayed.

Error message

Error message

This error could be due to a number of reasons.

It would be a great help in diagnosing the problem if you could run the installer with extra logging enabled, as described below. This will create a log text file that will tell us exactly what was going on during the installation.

Installing with logging options

Installing with logging options
  1. From the Start menu, type "cmd" and open the Windows Command Processor.
  2. In the command window, navigate to the folder where the installation file (.msi) resides.
  3. To run the installer with logging options, type the following:
msiexec /i DUG_Insight-4.x-xxxxxx_x64.msi /lvx* log.txt

Note: Change the version number as necessary.

  1. Press Enter and run the installation again. The log file will document all activity by the installer, including the moment it failed and the error code.
  1. Send us a support ticket by emailing [email protected] describing how and when the problem occurred, your system specifications, and attaching the log file.