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How do I transfer an on-the-fly horizon to Petrel?

To transfer an on-the-fly horizon (e.g. TWT in depth, extracted amplitudes) to Petrel, first output the values to a new horizon.

This example shows how to transfer TVD values from on-the-fly depth-conversion to Petrel.

Note:  Ensure a velocity model is configured for depth conversion (see How it Works: Time-Depth Conversion). The Petrel link must be connected to transfer horizons and/or faults (see Insight and Petrel Overview).

Use horizon maths to output the depth values to a new horizon.

  1. In the Map View > Operations tab, choose Horizon Maths.
  2. Add a horizon row.
  3. Use the default symbol: 'h1'.
  4. Select the TVDSS property.
  5. Use the formula: h1
  6. Click Calculate.
  7. Click Create
  8. Rename the new horizon, e.g. “TVD Result”

Push the new horizon to Petrel using the link.

Send to Petrel

  1. In the Horizon tab, right-click the horizon: “TVD Result”.
  2. Select Send to Petrel.