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How do I create a survey without loading SEG-Y files

  1. Open the navigation file and copy one of the line names.
  2. Launch SEG-Y Loader.
  3. In Select 2D SEG-Y Files, click on Add files to add any SEG-Y file.
    • Under Survey Line Name type in the name of one of 2D lines
    • This is to have the line match the name in the navigation file
  1. In Specify the byte locations of headers choose Select an existing survey, import navigation, or enter tie points manually.
  2. In Load Navigation Data Files browse to select the navigation file.
  1. In Survey choose Create new survey called and provide a name.
  2. By clicking Next the survey will be created.
  3. Quit the SEG-Y Loader.
  4. Load the survey in Insight.

If you already have the volume in Insight, you can replace its survey or if the volume to be imported select the survey when prompted.