How do I load sample data?

The sample datasets are mini self-contained DUG Insight project directories, each with a pre-configured session. Follow these steps to get started.

Loading sample data

  1. Download the sample data from
  2. Unpacking the ZIP file will create a new directory called "Insight-sample-2D-project" or "Insight-sample-3D-project".
  3. Run the DUG Insight Launcher by selecting the Insight icon from the Start menu, Desktop, or (on Mac OS X) Applications directory.
  1. Click Open Project to browse for the project directory.
  1. Navigate to where you unpacked the ZIP file, and click Open Project.
  1. Select DUG Insight at the Choose an Application section and click Launch.
  1. Select Open Session from the File menu.
  1. Choose the sample session and click Open.