Converting Horizons to a Different Vertical Domain

Create TWT version of your TVDSS horizon using Horizon Maths operation while a velocity model is configured for time-depth conversion.

  1. In the Control Panel, go to View >> Map View.
  2. In Map View, click the Operations tab and under the Operation dropdown box, select Horizon Maths.
  1. Click on the blue (+) button to add the horizon.
  2. Select Property: TWT
    • This will retrieve the TWT property as converted by the velocity.
  3. Input Formula: h1
    • No mathematical operation will be applied to the values (*1).
  4. In Settings select Vertical: TWT
    • This will save the values from step 4 as a TWT property.
  5. Click Calculate and Create a new horizon.

Note: To convert from TWT to TVDSS, use TVDSS in both the horizon property and vertical settings.