How to create a horizon from trace headers

To create a horizon from trace headers, use a combination of Volume Maths and the Amplitude Extraction horizon operation.

Extract the header values to a volume

  1. In the Control Panel / Process tab, add a new Volume Maths process. Name the process, e.g. “Header TRACF”, and Click OK.
  1. In the Symbol & Volume section, click the blue "+" icon.
  2. Choose the volume containing the header values to extract.
  3. In the formula, enter the header name, e.g. TRACF or SWDEP
  4. The result volume containing the header value will be in the Volume tab.

Create a horizon from the volume

  1. In a Map View, open the Operations tab.
  2. Choose Operation / Amplitude Extraction.
  3. For Volume, choose the volume math result, e.g. “Header TRACF
  4. For Property, choose Simple Average.
  5. Enter any two different values for Top and Bottom.
  6. Click Calculate.

Completing the operation

 After running the operation:

  • At Class: Choose the Display Class for the results
    • Use Unknown for raw values unless a better choice is available.
  • Review the results in the display by:
    • Check: Use min and max from class settings
    • Click Adjust to set the Min and Max from the extracted amplitude.
  • Click Create to save the values as a new horizon