How do I change Insight's default directory?

By default, Insight saves its data into the local project folder. If you wish to set a separate default location to save or load your data for convenience, you can change the default by following the steps below.

Note: Please exit Insight prior to making any changes to the project file. Relaunch Insight after saving and closing the project file.

Changing default location

Changing default location
  1. Locate and open the project directory in the local disk.
  2. Right-click the dug.project file and open with any text-based editing software.
  1. Under directories, replace the folder names at the second column with the desired path surrounded by double quotes.
  2. When you are done, click on File and select Save.
  3. This will change the import/export/save defaults to the location specified.

The example above changes the default path for seismic volumes. After editing the dug.project file, every time the user wants to import or export a volume, Insight will open the desired directory as the default. This just changes the default path; the user can still browse and save the volume at another location.