Which Java version does Insight use?

When you install DUG Insight, its own version of Java is included. Insight uses this version instead any Java installations on the system. This ensures that you are using a version that is compatible with Insight.

As a result, Insight does not require a separate installation of Java, and does not require updates to the version of Java on the system.

The Java version included with Insight depends on the release:

  • Up to 4.5-902060 (released before March, 2019):
    • Java 64bit v1.7.0 - “Java SE Version 7”
  • After 4.5-903060 (released after March, 2019):
    • Java 64bit v1.8.0_201 - “Java SE Version 8”
  • After 4.8-006300 (released after June, 2020):
    • Java 64bit - "Java SE Version 12.0.2”

If you have questions or problems regarding Java and Insight, please contact our support team at [email protected].

Note: You may be asked to send data of your session from the Logs window for a clearer picture of the problem (see Viewing and Sending Diagnostic Logs).