How do I change survey CRS to project CRS?

WARNING: Changing the coordinates for a survey will reposition all data associated with that survey. For example, altering a 3D survey will change the X/Y coordinates of seismic and any horizons picked on the survey.

This workflow assumes that a survey has been loaded without applying a CRS conversion to the survey. The solution exports the uncorrected survey, then redefines the current survey using the file with corrections applied..

Export the survey (without corrections applied)

  1. Go to Control Panel > Survey tab.
  2. Right click on the survey and select Export.
  3. Enter a filename and location for the exported survey.

Configure the current survey

  1. In the Survey tab, double click on the survey.
  1. In the Survey Configuration window, click the Select File icon.
  2. Select the exported 3D survey file and click Open.

Specify the original CRS for the survey

  1. Choose the CRS used in the survey by clicking Convert from
  2. Insight will convert the survey coordinates to the project CRS.
  3. Volumes and horizons will be repositioned accordingly.
  4. Click OK.
  1. The Survey Updated window will appear to ask you to reload the session.
  2. Click Save and Reload Session.

The current session must be reloaded for the changes to take effect. All items using the old survey will be repositioned to the new coordinates once the session is saved and reloaded.