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There is a problem. How do I provide information on my issue?

On occasion, DUG Insight may experience an issue which will require more information for us to provide a fix for you. Here is how to get more diagnostic information to us so we can resolve the issue quickly.

Note: For a fatal error, see Help, Insight just crashed! What should I do now?

Repeat or perform the action that causes the issue to occur

This is important! The issue must be reproduced, and the logs captured at the time of the issue occurring.

  1. In the DUG Insight Launcher, click the Logs button.
  2. The Logs window will be displayed
  1. There is a tab for every time that Insight or the SEG-Y Loader has been launched. Select the relevant tab that you are currently experiencing a problem with.
  2. Click Send to DUG to send the log files for diagnostics.
  1. Enter your email address and any other relevant information in to the comments box so we can provide a response back to you. This information, along with the contents of the log, will be sent to the support team for analysis.
  2. If you want a response from the support team, make sure to provide an email address.
  3. Click OK to send the logs.

Note: It is important that you send the logs to DUG while you are having that problem. Sending it later will not be useful to provide information related to the problem.

For more information, see Viewing and Sending Diagnostics Logs.