How do I set boundaries for my 3D survey?

Insight automatically extends 3D surveys to include associated data, horizons and volumes. Remember to check the Product Extents Table for any objects that might cause the 3D survey to expand.

In some cases, the survey extends further than is required, making the Map View harder to use.

Use this workflow to reduce the displayed survey extents in the Map View.

Note: The survey boundaries are for display only. They update to contain the coordinates of anything assigned to the survey. Updating them will not affect the positioning of anything in the project.

Export the 3D survey

  1. Control Panel > Survey tab, right-click the desired survey and choose Export (see Exporting a Survey).
  2. Save to file, e.g. '3d_survey.survey'

Example format of .survey file below, more examples available here.

Survey files are easy to update. Use any text editor to open the .survey file and update the min and max values for IL and CL.

  1. Search for line: survey=
  2. Update il: ####-####
    • Enter the desired min and max inline
  3. Update cl: ####-####
    • Enter the desired min and max crossline
  4. Save the file.

We’re ready to update the survey with the new extents.  

Redefine the 3D survey in Insight

  1. Open the Survey tab in the Control Panel.
  2. Double-click the survey to adjust.
    • Alternatively, right-click the survey and choose Configure 'Survey'.
  3. Type a new name in Name field.
  4. Click the Select File icon to the right of Name field.
  5. Select the 3D survey file (e.g. '3d_survey.survey') that you updated and click Open.
  6. Click OK to replace the survey.