How to add/replace 2D lines to an existing dugio

After loading a volume from SEG-Y, a 2D line may need to be added or replaced in the volume (e.g. because of an error in the SEG-Y file).

This can be done in the SEG-Y Loader by specifying an existing 2D dugio volume as the output file.

Note: We recommend making a backup of your existing dugio volume and survey before proceeding with this workflow.

Add/replace 2D line

Add/replace 2D line
  1. Follow the steps in Importing 2D SEG-Y Data.
  2. In the SEG-Y Loader, select your lines and make sure the byte locations and configurations are correct.
  1. In the case of adding a new line to an existing 2D dugio, select Add to/edit existing survey.
  2. If the line had previously been loaded, it will already be defined in the survey - the loader should recognise it and force you to use the existing survey.
  1. In the last panel (Output Options), select your existing .dugio file in the Output Filename text field.
  2. Make sure that the volume you are adding the lines to is not loaded in your Insight session at the same time. Insight will need to delete the existing line(s), and will not be able to if the volume is currently loaded.
  3. Click on Delete the line(s) when prompted.
  4. Insight will load the data and overwrite the existing one.
  5. You may reload the volume to your session to check the changes.

Genuine offer of assistance

DUG understands that importing SEG-Y data can be a confusing task.

Whether you are using a trial version or a fully-paid licence, we will help you to import your data to Insight so that you will get the maximum out of your data.

For more information, contact support at [email protected].