Insight Symbology

Insight Symbology

Ever wondered about the little key floating over your volumes, or why your horizon icons appear as dots instead of a grid?  Here’s the lowdown on symbology in DUG-Insight.

The key in the top left of an icon shows that you are the owner of the object. Open the item Configuration by double-clicking (or right-click / Configure) to check ownership properties. More details here.

The blue cross in the lower left of an icon indicates that the object is shared. When adding items to a session, look for the option to only show shared items. Only shared items will appear in this list if the option is checked. Open the item Configuration to check sharing settings. More details here.

In the 3D View, toggle between showing the full horizon surface, or only the intersections with sections.

Click to start or stop editing or erasing. The pencil is for updating, and the eraser is for removing. A grey pencil indicates that you are not the owner and can’t make changes!

Hide or show the item. Click to toggle.

Warning, there’s a problem with this item. Check the details pane to find out more about the issue.

Take a screenshot.

Add items from the project into the session.

Take ownership of object.

Configure or change settings.

Create a copy.


Remove from session.

Delete from project.