Techniques (Wells and Well Data)

Learn new techniques to get the most out of your well data. From displaying gathers along a deviated well path to using well data to explore sequence stratigraphy, this section is jam packed full of great ideas.

Correct interpretation to tie Seismic   How-To Video

We’ve just received some data from another interpreter and it’s not looking good. The horizon doesn’t tie our seismic! We don’t want to throw away all this careful work, so we’ll need to update this interpretation. Find out how to easily tackle this problem using DUG Insight! 

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Fast 3D Models (from wells)   How-To Video

Great for reservoir modelling or well planning projects, DUG-Insights well property modelling tools can quickly estimate well curve values in between selected wells, while keeping the geological structure. Watch our video, the possibilities are endless!

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Velocity Model from Well Checkshots   How-To Video

DUG Insights Velocity model from Well Checkshots process builds a structurally compliant 3D velocity model using time-depth information from your wells. Its fast and easy to use. The models are dynamic and calculated on-the-fly, so you can tweak checkshots and adjust the horizons to really fine-tune your results. Find out more about this process!

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Display Gathers along a deviated well   Quick Tip!

Directly investigate AVO at regular intervals along a deviated well path using DUG-Insight’s new gather track!  Build the perfect display for your wells and get a full understanding of amplitudes along the well bore.

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Exploring Sequence Stratigraphy   How-To Video

Understanding stratigraphy is essential to prospect development, particularly in identifying risk and uncertainty. Use DUG-Insight to interrogate data, identify key surfaces and system tracts, and build dynamic stratigraphic models or pseudo wheeler diagrams. 

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Mapping Conformable Events using Well Markers   How-To Video

Keep the conformability in your geological horizons even when data is sparse. DUG Insight’s horizon conformance mapping technique is a handy tool for resolving well-picks and depth converted horizon residuals or picking a conformable horizon in a deeper noisy data area.

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