Refining Horizons with Undo/Redo

Refining Horizons with Undo/Redo

Getting a great horizon pick can require a lot of iteration. Take advantage of DUG Insight’s flexible undo/redo features to refine your result. No matter how complicated the edits and updates, DUG’s horizons will keep track as long as you need them, even after you close Insight!

After running a propagation, I’ve noticed the horizon crossing some key faults. I’d like to undo the last propagation run and refine the propagation with some new seed points.  I’ve also received some interpreted faults from a colleague, so I’d like to incorporate these too.  

Instead of manually erasing the unwanted picks, I can use Undo/Redo to remove the last change made to the horizon.

By clicking Undo Changes, Insight removes edits made to this horizon. Use Redo Changes to reinstate any edits that you want to keep.

After removing the last change, the horizon is looking better.

When we’re happy with the final result, use Clear History to clear all the undo/redo information from the horizon. The cleared, final pick will be fast, efficient result and ready to go.