Tools (Wells and Well Data)

Tie your seismic to well data with our synthetics workflow, or correlate multiple wells across an area of interest.  DUG-Insight has lots of tools to show off your well data.  Delve into this section and discover how to level-up your well reports.

Christmas Log Scaling   How-To Video

Get the most out of DUG-Insight’s well curve processes!  Quickly scale logs to find the hidden messages in your data.  Happy Christmas!

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Building Lithology Log   How-To Video

Build well log curves using DUG-Insight’s new well curve processes! Follow as we generate a lithology log from gamma-ray and density log curves using log curve maths.

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Importing Lithology Log   How-To Video

Loading Lithology logs?  Get some helpful tips & tricks on configuring your class to get the most out of DUG-Insight!

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Filter Log Curves   How-To Video

Apply filters to any well log curve using DUG-Insight’s new well curve processes!  Watch as we apply a simple filter to improve a noisy sonic log without changing its overall character.

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Splice Log Curves   How-To Video

Join multiple log runs using DUG-Insight’s new well curve processes!  Create neat composite logs in a flash!

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Elastic logs and AVO Synthetics   How-To Video

Generate elastic curves and build angle synthetic test cases from log curves using DUG-Insight’s new well process tools.  Coupled with our flexible well templates create stunning synthetic gather displays.

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Introduction to Synthetics   How-To Video

Creating a robust well to seismic tie is essential for guiding your horizon interpretation. Use DUG-Insights synthetics tool to easily calculate synthetic seismic, adjust time-depth relationships, and find the best correlation. On-the-fly updates make it easy to adjust and compare the results of different wavelets and generate test cases. 

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Stratigraphic Well Correlation   How-To Video

Make detailed stratigraphical correlations between well data using DUG Insights well correlation view. View wells along a reference arbline, build correlation models is different domains and save templates for easy reuse. Pick and display markers using colour infill to build a clearer picture of continuous geological events. 

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Zooming Wells   Quick Tip!

Tired of juggling a plethora of log curves with varying extents? DUG Insight gives you quick, fine-grained control of any curve in the high-resolution Single Well View.

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Create smashing well synthetic views   How-To Video

Tired of building and tweaking custom well displays every time you want to compare well data, synthetics and seismic? Find out how to build your own geophysical template which can be saved and reused!

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Correct Interpretation to Tie Seismic Event   How-To Video

We’ve just received some data from another interpreter and it’s not looking good. The horizon doesn’t tie our seismic! We don’t want to throw away all this careful work, so we’ll need to update this interpretation. Find out how to easily tackle this problem using DUG Insight!

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Multi-Well Crossplots   How-To Video

Correlate wells and identify common lithology using DUG-Insight’s cross-plotting and well correlation tools. Isolate target intervals for the crossplot using horizons and markers, then highlight areas in the crossplot back onto the wells. It’s the perfect tool to extend your correlation through new or historical wells.

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Fixing common well display issues with edits   How-To Video

Where is your beautiful well data? Why can’t you see that marker? Surely it went deeper than the sea-floor. It’s time to put your troubleshooting hat on! Find out how to easily review well components and make quick changes to solve some of the most common well display problems. It’s easy when you know how.

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Well Templates   How-To Video

Explore DUG-Insight’s new well templates features! With our flexible interface, build everything from: complex geological/geophysical templates, to standard company-wide templates to share! Overlay these templates directly on the seismic to guide your interpretation or even show off your datasets geology. Get updating those reports now!

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