Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

Have you tried Insight’s axis zoom controls? They’re more than just simple annotations!

Use Insight’s axes to quickly zoom in just one dimension. As expected, the top axis controls the horizontal scale, while the left-hand axis controls the vertical scale.

The simplest way to zoom in or out vertically is to point the mouse over the left-hand time/depth axis and roll the mouse wheel. The view will stretch vertically as you adjust the wheel. You can use the same approach to adjust the horizontal scale. Hover the mouse over the top axis and roll the mouse wheel a few notches.

To display a specific range, use the right-mouse button to highlight a region of the axis. This is handy for showing a precise interval. Press and hold the right-mouse button at the start value, drag the highlight to your end point, and release. The view will update to show that specific range.


Finally, to quickly reset the scale for a single axis, right-click in an axis  (without dragging). The view will reset and show the full extents of that dimension.

TipIf the scale seems crazy when you reset the zoom, check the Products Extents Table. Zoom-to-fit adjusts the window scales to show the ranges from this table. The table shows the objects in your session along with their sizes in various dimensions. Find items with unusual values and remove them from your session. Zoom-to-fit should work properly again afterwards!

Don't forget! In any section or map view, you can right-click and drag to zoom and show a specific area of the window!

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