Maximise your Measurements

Maximise your Measurements

Measuring distance is a useful for any project. Whether you’re measuring a survey or a geological feature, DUG Insight’s measurement tool quickly finds the distance between two points and includes the azimuth or angle of the line. No more guesswork!

Here’s a channel structure in the flattened domain. We can find the length and azimuth with our measurement tool.  In Map or Section View, right click and choose Add Measurement.

Click on the view to drop the first point and move the mouse.  The distance updates as you move the cursor.  This channel is 9.5km long with an orientation of 53.60 degrees. Pretty neat!

Let’s take it a step further. Using hotkeys we can lock distances to the nearest round number and azimuths to the nearest 45 degree angle.  

  • Hold CTRL while moving the mouse to snap distance.  
  • Hold SHIFT when moving the mouse to snap to the nearest 45 degree angle.