Using the Measuring Tool

Adding measurements

  1. Right-click anywhere on the map view and select Add Measurement.
  2. Click once to start the measurement.
  3. Click again to end the measurement.
    • The distance between the points is shown (using the units set in Preferences)
    • The azimuth from North included for Map View.


  1. After placing the first point:
    • Hold SHIFT to lock the angle of the measurement to exact 45 increments, e.g. 0, 45, 90.
    • Hold CTRL to lock the measurement to round numbers e.g. 2000ms, 3km, 4km.
    • Hold SHIFT + CTRL to lock angles and use round numbers.

Removing Measurements

  1. To remove one measurement:
    • Right-click on the measurement and choose Remove This Measurement.
  2. To remove all measurements from the current view:
    • Right-click in the view and choose Remove All Measurements.