Insight runs Cross Platform!

Insight runs Cross Platform!

DUG-Insight can be run on Windows, Mac or Linux platforms.  This cross platform approach is great for interpreter flexibility.  No longer do you have to worry about platform conflicts with clients.  No running windows emulation software or virtual machines to open a project. No worrying if a data-room or conference room has the correct OS installed.

A project can be built on any platform and sent to a client on Windows, Mac or Linux. Insight will use the same software and code to reopen the project.  It’s the same reliable and stable software for all platforms!

To keeps things simple, Insight has designed licences to activate and run on multiple platforms.  Users can share floating licences, or move to node-locked licences, all cross platform.  

We’ve got you covered with installers. DUG-Insight provides a .msi installer for Windows. Linux has two installers, RPM packages available for RPM distributions such as Red Hat and SuSE, and a ZIP archive of other Linux distributions.  Finally, Mac has a standard disk image (dmg).  We use all three in-house so you can too.

As with all IT systems, working cross platform can have its issues. Ensuring reliable network connections and having a knowledgeable IT team on hand is essential.   Keep in mind, disk formatting when transferring data between platforms.  A common issue is Window formatted disks (NTFS), these are read only for Macs.  Use either exFAT or FAT32 formatted disks as these can be used across both platforms.

Any questions, you know where we are!