Control Panel Hotkeys

Control Panel Hotkeys

The first shortcut to remember is the fastest way to get to the Control Panel from anywhere in Insight - the Spacebar.

Hit the Spacebar to instantly display the Control Panel from whatever Insight view or currently active window.

Picking? Working in 3D? Mucking around with synthetics?



Quickly find a horizon, fault, well or ANYTHING using the CTRL+F hotkey. In any Control Panel tab, hit CTRL+F and a find object box will appear.

The search results update as you type, and you can even “Select Results” to quickly update the settings for them all, or toss them all in a folder. Find out more about folders.


Tried a Find, but still missing something? Load objects into your session using the CTRL+L hotkey.  In any tab, hit CTRL+L to open the Add to Session window. Select one or multiple objects and Add to Session.

Filter the list to shared objects by enabling the Only show shared items option. Click here to find out more.


Got a process calculating something useful and you need to update the display? Switch to it’s output volume in a flash. Click on a process and hit hotkey CTRL+P.  Insight will quickly switch to the output volume in the volume tab. From the volume tab, hit CTRL+P and get back to the Process!


Quickly create a new object in any tab by using Insight’s CTRL+N hotkey.  This is really handy when you’re putting together a workflow in the process tab.