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Analyse seismic across different surveys

Analyse seismic across different surveys

We have multiple vintages of 3D data, with older seismic at a lower resolution than some modern data. Comparing the two might reveal additional information. Volume maths is a good tool for this, but it requires all inputs to be on the same survey. We could spend hours converting and exporting volumes, but with DUG Insight, we have a better way.

Volume Maths is a powerful tool for generating custom attributes from multiple data sets. In this case, we’ll use it to calculate a difference volume. The input volumes must share same survey. This is not the case for our vintage and modern seismic!

This requires a simple Volume Resampling step. Feed a the input into Volume Resample and then use that result in Volume Maths. Insight will calculate the results on-the-fly as we watch. Simple!

Let’s give it a go now:

We have the two original volumes on different input surveys.

  1. Create a new Volume Resample process
    • Open the Process tab in the Control Panel.
    • Hit the blue "+" symbol.
    • Select New Process.
    • Name the process (remember this name is shared with the output volume)
  2. Select the lower resolution data as input.
  3. Set output extents to the same survey as the higher resolution data.
  1. When selecting the inputs for Volume Maths remember the new resampled virtual volume instead of the original data
  2. Setup the rest of Volume Maths process as normal

Use volume maths to create a difference volume to identify areas of higher change (areas within red boxes).  

Using this technique has identified some areas of nice uplift and some fine detail that was previously missing. Time to update our interpretation.

Enjoy Insight!