Insight's Autosave feature

Insight's Autosave feature

We all know how easy it is to get absorbed in interpretation and forget about saving your session regularly. The good news is that Insight’s autosave is here to help! It captures your session every 5 minutes. The autosaves are stored invisibly with the session, so you won’t spend extra time managing sessions.

Whenever Windows automatically updates or your computer reboots unexpectedly, whenever the workstation memory is maxed out and everything hangs... No problem. Time to use Autosave.

When you open a saved session, Insight checks to see if it was closed unexpectedly (from a crash, hang or other disaster). If it was, then Insight shows the open autosave session window.  Simply choose “Open Auto-Saved Version” version and Insight will restore the session. Thanks Insight for saving our bacon!

After opening an Auto-Saved version, you must save your session right away! When an autosave is opened, it becomes a “real session”. If you close Insight, the recovered changes will be lost forever!