Display Gathers Along a Deviated Well

Display gathers along a deviated well

Gathers along a deviated well bore (SWV, multiple tracks)

Directly investigate AVO at regular intervals along a deviated well path using DUG-Insight’s new gather track!  Build the perfect display for your wells and get a full understanding of amplitudes along the well bore.

In this example, Well 8 is deviated with a 5500m bore and we would like to investigate the gathers to look for changes in the AVO response.  

In this template, we have added a gather track with the well path displayed. This shows us a single gather at a specific MD.

This is a useful display, but we would like to compare gathers from several points down the well. This can help us understand the AVO.

In the tree view, holding the Control key and dragging a track will create a duplicate. We have used this to add many gather tracks. In each track, we set a specific MD.

The final result shows gathers at 500m intervals from 2000m to 5500m. The intersection with the well path is highlighted in the track.

We can now view the change in AVO along the well bore.

To investigate other attributes, we can add more gather tracks, or simply change the displayed volume. Here we’ve switched the volume to a spectral decomposition of the far stack to consider the seismic frequency response along the well!