How do I transfer depth-converted faults to Petrel?

Depth-converted faults can be transferred to Petrel, e.g. TWT faults as TVD, or TVD faults as TWT.

The process:

  1. Export the faults in the converted domain
  2. Import the faults back to Insight
  3. Transfer the imported faults to Petrel

Note: Ensure a velocity model is configured for depth conversion (see How it Works: Time-Depth Conversion). The Petrel link must be connected so that horizons and/or faults can be transferred (see Insight and Petrel Overview).

Exporting Faults to depth

  1. Go to the Fault tab and right-click the fault.
  2. Select Export 'Fault'.
  3. In the Export as dropdown box, select TVDSS (m).
  4. Click OK.

Importing Converted Faults

  1. In the Import menu and select Faults....
  2. Select the exported fault file from the previous step
  3. Select the correct domain from the previous step, e.g. TVDSS (m)
  4. Click OK.

Send to Petrel

  1. Go to the Fault tab and right-click on the imported fault.
  2. Select Send to Petrel.