How do I make an isopach or isochron map in Insight?

A simple horizon maths operation can be used to create an isopach or isochron map in Insight. Both maps are created in a similar way.

Isopach map

  1. Open Map View and begin a Horizon Maths operation (see Horizon Maths).  
  2. At the Inputs section, input horizon 'a' and 'b', and set their property as TVDSS (m).
  3. At Formula, insert the formula: a–b.
  4. You can optionally constrain your isopach map by selecting a polygon at Constrain to area.
  5. Select TVDSS as the Output Z-dimension.

Note: If you do not want the isopach map to show on the seismic, set the Output Z dimension to <none>. Without the Z dimension, you will only be able to view it from Map View.

  1. The newly created isopach map can be saved as a separate horizon or as a property of an existing horizon.