Insight General

This section is full of useful, short videos showing all aspects of DUG-Insight. Find out something you didn’t know about DUG right here!  Delve deeper into aspects of these workflows by exploring our subsequent sections.

Control Panel and the space bar   Quick Tips!

Never again go looking for the control panel when you want to create a new horizon. Just hit the Space Bar and the control panel will come to you!
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Control Panel Hotkeys   Quick Tip!

Using Insight regularly and looking for a way to speed up your day-to-day work?  Check out DUG Insight’s control panel hotkeys.  Find, load and create items quickly with the press of a button. Find out more!

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Capture to the Clipboard   Quick Tips!

Saving lots of screenshots for reports can be a laborious task. DUG-Insight’s super fast copy-to-clipboard feature speeds it up
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Capturing Detailed Images for Reports   Quick Tip!

Saving high resolution images in Insight is great for displaying regional 2D lines; saving images that may be cropped or zoomed later; presenting data on high resolution displays or printing with a high-DPI printer

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Sending Insight Logs   How-To Video

DUG Insight is very reliable, however, when an issue does occur the quickest way to send information to support is to send a log. Watch this quick video on the best way to send logs to support. Help us, help you.

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Insight Symbology   Quick Tip!

Ever wondered about the little key floating over your volumes, or why your horizon icons appear as dots instead of a grid? Here’s the lowdown on symbology in DUG-Insight.
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Window Management   Quick Tip!

When working with many interpretation windows, things can quickly get out of hand. DUG-Insight has some useful tools to help manage your views.
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Insight runs Cross Platform!   Quick Tip!

DUG-Insight can be run on Windows, Mac or Linux platforms. This cross platform approach is great for interpreter flexibility. No longer do you have to worry about platform conflicts with clients. 
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Academic Licences   Quick Tip!

At DUG, we have strong ties to academia and research, and appreciate everyone in the educational community.  
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