Display (Wells and Well Data)

Improve your reports in a flash by viewing different ways to display your well data.

Create smashing well synthetic views   How-To Video

Tired of building and tweaking custom well displays every time you want to compare well data, synthetics and seismic? Find out how to build your own geophysical template which can be saved and reused!

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Updating settings for multiple wells   Workflow

Tired of juggling thousands of wells in DUG Insight and need an easy way to adjust their parameters? Here are some handy tricks to do the job.

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Get Classy Looking Displays   Quick Tip!

Insight classes make it easy to get a consistent look when displaying the same type of data from different volumes, horizons and wells. Classes live in the “Class” tab of the Control Panel, but keep reading for some handy shortcuts if you want to get there faster!

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Colourbars, Colourbars, Colourbars   Quick Tip!

If you haven’t seen the manual, then you’re really missing out. All the colourbars have a great preview and are logically grouped, making it much easier to find the best look for highlighting your data!

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Distance-Scaling in Well Correlation   Quick Tip!

The Well Correlation View is a great way to interpret logs across wells and can provide a detailed understanding of the stratigraphy. We’ve correlated these four wells below.

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