Advanced Views

Got to grips with the basic views?  Why not explore some of our more advanced features. Always something interesting to learn for those brave enough!


Linked Views   Quick Tip!

Insight offers so many different displays -- from map and section views to gather views for prestack data and even 3D windows for interpretation and stunning perspective displays. By linking views together, adjustments to scale or location will be shared between them.

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Stratigraphic flattening   How-To Video

Need a better way to evaluate your depositional environment? Looking for a good method to slice through channel sands? Insight's stratigraphic flattener might be the tool for you! Fast, dynamic views are calculated on-the-fly and can be applied to 2D or 3D seismic and even pre-stack gathers! 

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Visualizing Trace Headers   How-To Video

Find out how to use Insight processes to stash horizon values, calculation results and more in trace headers, then reuse them elsewhere. In this example, we compare SP vs CMP and use the receiver water depth as a guide for horizon propagation.

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Groups - Combining Volumes for Visualization   Quick Tip!

Want to combine multiple seismic attributes into one display? Creating a group in Insight gives you the ability to co-render volumes. We’ll show an example on how incoherence and curvature volumes can be grouped to display structural features.

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Overlay Sequences on Seismic   Workflow

Quickly create a 3D Zone Indicator volume using Volume Maths. This type of volume is handy for quickly identifying pinch-outs, inconsistencies in horizons, formation extents, etc.

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Create smashing well synthetic views   How-To Video

Tired of building and tweaking custom well displays every time you want to compare well data, synthetics and seismic? Find out how to build your own geophysical template which can be saved and reused!

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Display horizon attributes and structure in 3D   Workflow

Easily create dramatic 3D displays of horizon properties in a few clicks! Display horizon properties taken from amplitude extractions or other horizon calculations to reveal depositional detail, structural complexity, or thickness variation over a structure.

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Getting the most from 4D data and gathers   How-To Video

Our integrated views work wonders with 2D and 3D data, but have you seen how we handle 4D? In DUG Insight, gathers aren't trapped in their own window. You can work with them in section or 3D views, regardless of whether they're offset, angle, frequency, tau-p, or one of the other 4D types. In this video, we step into the fourth dimension and show you how to get the most from gathers: from searching for anomalies, to investigating AVO and AVA, and even to picking events in 4D.

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3D Visualisation and Speedy Body Detection   How-To Video

Seeing interpretation in 3D is one of the best ways to gain a deep understanding of your prospect. Learn how to get around, customise views, extract 3D bodies and more using DUG Insight’s powerful 3D visualisation.

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